Sunday, February 21

Random Tips & Tricks [Part 4]

161.If it looks good, remove it- throw it out, flush it down the toilet, grind it in the disposal. 
162.*Eat Ice cubes, they give you the feel like your eating something and the coldness can accually burn calories.drink lots of ice cold water~it'll keep your temp up.
163.take your vitamins!!
164.If you have a real bad craving for something that's evil, Just taste it but don't swallow! Enjoy every bite!
165.If you have hunger pains, curl up in a ball.
166.Go take a nap.. you should get enough sleep! If you don't get al least 6 hours then your appitite is increased by 15%!
167.Sit up straight. You'll burn at least ten percent more calories sitting upright than reclining.
168.Never eat anything bigger that you fist.
169.use kelp pills, it help boost metabolism
170.Have a peppermint, peppermints decrease hunger. Watch out.. 3 of those little things have 60 cals in them!
171.Watch out for chewing cinammon gum on an empty stomach. It makes you even hungrier!
172.Drink water instead of eating, sometimes when your really thisty your body might trick you into eating. Have at least 8 glasses of some kind of water
173.Drink two quarts of water each day. This helps control your appetite. Sometimes a feeling of hunger is actually thirst. Additionally, water is necessary to carry away the breakdown byproducts of fat. Carry a little sport bottle at all times. If you feel hungry, take a drink.
174.*drink a sip of water inbetween every bite. it makes you feel as if you were full.
175.*Watch what other people, especially fat people, eat, and feel superior...because they are feeding their fat bodies and they're getting fatter!
176.*If you've done well, reward yourself once a week, but not with yourself a new cd or go shopping and buy smaller clothes
177.*Create a pro-anorexia scrap-book with pictures and quotes...this is good to look at when you feel a binge coming on
178.*Spend a little time each day a a pro-anorexia website, reading your emails, or looking at your scrap book to stay motivated
179.*Check the fridge when nobody else is around...find food that you would have eaten and get rid of it..then you can say that you ate it
180.*Only eat when other people can see you. That way they cant say "you never eat!"
181.*Drink ice cold water it-it burns up cals, drink hot water-makes you feel full, you chose
182.*Leave dirty dishes around the house (example: pour a little milk in a bowl and put some peices of cereal in it and say you ate it) people will think your eating
183.*Use dark cups to drink from, then spit food in it
184.*Dont act oddly, if your always commenting on how skinny people are or how fattening certain foods are, someones bound to find how obsessed you are, noone needs to know this except for you.
185.*Take walks! They clear your mind, speed up your metabolism and once you start, you?ll be addicted!
186.*Go to the library. You can research dieting or whatever else interests you or you can actually do your homework for a change. Since no food or drink is allowed, you?ll have no choice but to forgo a meal.
187.* Reading books is really underrated. Start compiling a list of books that you have been meaning to read for a while and, well, actually read them. You may even want to read true accounts of anorexia to inspire you.
188.Listen to loud music. Many people eat because they feel anxious but if you channel this tension through another outlet, you?ll save yourself a lot of calories.
189.If you go to a resturant and really cant stand the thought of eating then take a purse lined with plastic inside and order a low fat meal and eat some but when no-one is looking drop some in the bag. ***BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WITH THIS!!!***
190.Try not to give too much attention to the mirror when people are near, people might notice.
191.Avoid watching movies about ana or mia when friends or family are around. Trust me...this makes their suspicion grow!
192.If your parents offer you food, that can easily be thrown away without their knowledge, take it and then throw it away, helps keep parents less suspicous.
193.Just plain out loud lie, it always works, unless its an obvious lie or your a bad liar.
194.Brush your teeth. Get a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste set and use it often. A clean minty mouth can make the thought of eating less attractive. Also, if you brush after every meal and every supposed meal, it's less obvious whether you've eaten or not.
195.Take a shower. Hot steamy water can suppress the appetite, in me at least, and paying close attention to your body will serve to remind you exactly why you're losing weight in the first place. If you feel clean you may not want to "dirty" yourself with food.
196.Fidget, take up a new hobby, find something to focus on. Find something with which to distract your hands and / or mouth. Chewing gum works for many people, but check for calories. Sewing or stringing beads is good, detail-oriented and monotonous. Keep yourself occupied.
197.Exercise. Find something you love to do and do it. If, like me, you're too self-conscious to exercise where people can see, then do it when you're alone at home or in a locked room or other safe place. Make it interesting. The best I've found? Dancing. Find music you love, cover the windows up, and don't even think about what you may look like since there's nobody to see. It's a lot of fun, and it helps you get more familiar with your body as well.
198.Find triggering pictures. You have internet access, I know you do. When you feel like eating, pick an actress or model that you think is particularly beautiful and search for pictures of them... or for pictures of people you find particularly ugly and fat. It's a slow, involving process and for me at least a great way to avoid eating.
199.Take a nap. A lot of people think they're hungry when really they're just tired. Also, drink water, since thirst can make you think you're hungry as well.
200.Keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat and anything else you feel might be helpful to know. This will allow you to measure progress and track patterns over time.
201.Set yourself rules regarding food. Pick ones that you know you can follow and stick with them. Then, keeping these, gradually add on more rules until your eating is entirely under control. It's hard to restrict yourself all the way at once, and more effective to do it in increments. The idea here is to sort of sneak up on yourself in tiny little stages, adapting to each new rule before making another.
202.Reward yourself, don't punish. Punishment is not effective and will do more emotional harm than physical good. Calculate how much money you're saving by not eating and add this up until you have enough to buy something you like (but not food). Or, put a penny (dollar, marble) in a jar for every small goal you keep and treat yourself with something (not food) once you reach a certain amount. Remember that these rewards will last longer and give more pleasure than food you would just eat, proccess, and discard.
203.Eat slowly, in small bites. Cut your food up into small pieces. Pause while eating to drink water or whatever other liquid you enjoy. It takes a while for "full" signals to get from our stomach to our brain. Also, if you eat over a longer period of time and add more liquids, it can trick your mind into thinking you've eaten more.
204.Take out only the amount of food you plan on eating. Wrap everything securely up before you start eating and put it away. Don't go back for seconds. Don't nibble while preparing food, either. Those bites and crumbles add up staggeringly fast.
205.Think about food before and while you eat it. Think about where it came from and exactly what happened to it before it reached you. This works particularly well with meat, dairy, and egg products.
206.Food associations. Find something that makes you feel vaguely ill or unpleasant, get a picture of it, and put the picture beside your food. Switch pictures frequently and make sure to look at the pictures while you eat. After a while you may began to associate food itself with unpleasantness, which will make you less inclined to eat.
207.Give yourself permission before eating. Stop and think about it, consider if you really want to eat whatever-it-is. If your answer is yes, then say (or think) something like "I'm allowed to eat this" or "I have permission to eat this".
208.Plan your meals in advance, for the day or week or whatever. Decide what you are allowed to eat each day. If you know that you will be eating, it may help you avoid eating other things.
209.If you feel yourself starting to lose control while you're eating, stop. Set your food down, take a long drink of water or some other cool liquid, and take a deep breath before resuming eating. This can help interrupt a slide into binge-mode. Remember to remind yourself that you are still going to finish your food and that you aren't stopping, just pausing for a moment.
210.Sabotage your food. Make it with too much water, too little sugar, an ingredient you don't care for. Add too much salt or pepper before you eat. You will eat less of it if it tastes bad.
211.Pick apart your food cravings. If you eat food in separate parts instead of all mixed into one, it feels like you've eaten more and you don't get extra stuff you don't really need. For example, if you're really craving pizza, think about what it contains. Bread, tomato sauce, cheese. Drink a can of V8 or eat a tomato. If you still want pizza, have a rice cake or a few crackers or some other starch. If you still want pizza, have a piece of cheese. Or if you're craving peanut butter, have a handful of peanuts and avoid the added sugar and oil contained in most commercial peanut butter. If that doesn't work, eat a spoonful of honey for the sweetness overload. Same net effect, fewer total calories, no wasted empty added crap.
212.About weighing yourself. Everyone has different methods here that work for them. Many people get discouraged with weighing themselves every day, because our weight is not a stable thing and can vary drastically from little insignificant things. Try to get a better overall picture through the fit of your clothing instead.
213.Throw food away before you eat it. A lot of people feel guilty and don't like to toss food. There's nothing wrong with this. Remember, though, that food gets discarded any way you look at it... purging, digesting, tossing... and isn't it better to get rid of the food before it puts fat on you instead of after? If you still hate to discard food, see how much of it you can donate to your local shelters and community service programs.
214.Apple cider vinegar (or possibly vinegar in general). It may help raise metabolism and burn fat. It may for you work as an appetite suppressant. Be careful, though, it may also hurt your stomach or cause nausea. Don't take more than a couple teaspoonfuls at a time. Try it mixed with honey in a glass of water, or in diet 7up or other clear carbonated soda about twenty minutes before eating, you may feel full quicker or decide not to eat at all.
215.Eat dense foods. They'll feel like more in your stomach. Light or fluffy foods tend to compact, and don't fill you up as well. Drink lots of liquids.
216.Avoid refined foods. They're in large part empty calories, and they don't satisfy the body or supply good solid nutritional requirements. The closer to natural you eat, the more value you get per bite, and the less you'll need to eat. Substitute whole grains for white flour and raw sugar for refined white sugar particularly.
217.Don't fill up on bread. It's deceptive. Six slices of bread can feel the same as one sandwich in your stomach, and it gets processed very quickly. If you do eat bread eat whole-wheat or grain bread, which will feel denser in your stomach as well as be healthier for your digestive system. Make a sandwich with vegetables or low-fat cottage cheese or salsa instead of eating bread plain.
218.Avoid alcohol and other drugs. Anything that can affect you will affect you more strongly and in different ways, and anything that affects your mind will lower your level of control. I hear the munchies are a nightmare when you're trying to lose weight, and waking up with a hangover surrounded by half-eaten food evidence can't be too much better.
219.Be careful with over-the-counter weight loss products, including the natural and herbal ones. They speed up your metabolism, yes, but they're designed to be taken with a decent amount of food and can be very very bad for your heart, head, digestive system, and nervous system if you use them with a severely restricted food intake. They can also mess up your sleep cycles, and people with irregular sleep cycles tend to eat more. I would suggest half doses to start with since they'll have more of an effect on someone eating very little, and watch for signs of panic, anxiety, or irritability.
220.Don't get discouraged with yourself. You didn't put on weight overnight, and it won't come off overnight either. These things take time, and time will pass no matter how much you're eating.


  1. dont listen to any of these, you are beautiful and there is no need to change. Your friends and family all love you for who you inside. Trust me you may feel alone and ugly but that is the illness you are amazing. Anerexier takes you away from your family and everything you love. Trust me i know frow personal experience that it can tear your life apart. Dont let the anerexia take over. X x x x

  2. one of ana's boyz22 August 2011 at 08:00

    I totally agree K.... For some people, its not the right thing to do...

    But for some people, I think there's no other choice. At least for me, I dont want to starve myself to impress anyone else. I have a boyfriend and he loves my body, my family tells me that I'm skinny and all my friends do too. I want to starve myself so I can be skinny for ME. I dont like the way my body looks. I hate it. It makes me cry when i look at myself in the mirror or when I run my hands down my sides.

    I actually liked these tips. I just found this site from a google search after a binge eating episode and found it pretty helpful. Once I eat something, I cant stop myself from eating a TON of food, so these tips helped quite a bit...

    I'm just a boy that wants to have the best body I can have. I've been on the larger side my entire life and don't want to let my youth pass by before I get a chance to be skinny like a lot of my friends. Can't wait to explore this blog more and get some useful tips and inspiration....

    1. i used to be anorexic and now im not but i needed insparation 9th grade homecomming is comming soon!!!!!

  3. thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssss so much

  4. With these comments I have lost over 40 lbs I am now an amazing 100 lbs at 5'6 I am beautiful


    2. This just gave me hope.

    3. That's amazing!! Skinny is always beautiful

    4. That's amazing!! Skinny is always beautiful

  5. I'm sorry but I can't look at this any more. I know you have body issues but anorexia is NOT the answer! It can LITERALLY KILL YOU. You NEED food to function in everyday life, whether you like it or not. If you're not happy with your weight, diet and exercise healthily. Get a nutritionist. Don't starve yourself, it's deadly.

  6. Thank you!!!! I am a ballet dancer at a professional full-time school, and now that I'm injured, I am freaking out about weight gain so much. I need to get back down to 90 lbs and I'm 5'4"... Hopefully this will help!

  7. I have a question. I have to lose 65 pounds in 30 days. is it possible for me to do that?

  8. No 65 in 30 days is impossible

  9. Omg I'm love this site. It is going to help me be one of the skinniest girl in my grade. I know I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either. I'm in 6th grade and I want to change now!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice website:))))))

    1. Please don't do this. You're so young. Exercise and eat healthy food, but this can kill you. I'm anorexic and it doesn't help anything. You're never thin enough. Please, please don't start so young

  10. Yay!!!!!!! Thigh gap, hip bones,and collarbone her I come;);););););)

  11. Yolo this isn't fun. Anorexia sucks. Bulimia is the way to go. But just to let everyone know I don't support either of these things. I do it for a purpose. I don't think anybody needs to do this.

  12. This website will help me be my dream weight. Which is 75 pounds.

    1. how old are you?! that could be deadly and result in heart failure.. at 12 i was 85 pounds and very sick all the time. be careful

    2. how old are you?! that could be deadly and result in heart failure.. at 12 i was 85 pounds and very sick all the time. be careful

  13. Can I lose 20 pounds in 30 days ! Starting tomorrow please answer

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  16. Thanks :) very helpful tips !

  17. These blogs are for PRO ana people, so don't bother reading them then commenting against them if you disagree!

  18. I was anorexic.. still am (on the inside) but certainly dont look it. Its like i have no control over my mind anymore and eat anything that i see. I feel sick and ugly and anxious and just want to DIE! My confidence levels are low and i dont know how to purge or control myself anymore.
    HELP!!!!!! :(

    1. I would help you but if you don't know how to purge that's an issue. Honestly just stick three fingers down your throat and wiggle them around inside there, it might take a while since you'll be new at it but soon it won't be as hard

  19. hi can yo give me the 1 part and 2,3 pleas so i can read it

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  21. this was really helpful i feel motivated now!!

  22. Unfortunately some of these people (pro ana/Mia) ultimately want Ed to
    Be the cause of their death

    1. What do you know??? If you dont like this, why are you on this anyways. Mate just go get fucked

  23. Omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Got so much motivation now!! I'm finally gonna be beautiful !!! THANK YOU!! :D

  24. thx so much hope this works

  25. THX Im at the moment 12 years old and in size 16 and 160 pounds. Im the heaviest girl in class and I have swimming every week with my school and everybody stares at me so im making change. And no, nobody will change my mind ive thought this through for weeks and im doing this

    1. Hi, how are you doing? Have you achieved your goals?

  26. Thankyou this will really help about to go drink alot of water and go study, its so hard tho cause my fam cooks alot of nice foods since we are from the caribbean. Im 16 and i weigh 113 since i moved ill like to be 100 again then maybe even smaller. Thank you for this and guys follow my tumblr: colormylifeblackandwhite

  27. wait why do i have to eat my vitamins ? i actully throw them away :) outside of the window :)

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  29. tysm for these!! im 14, 5ft 4 and 139 atm.. used to be 162 and still going. these definitely will be useful :)

  30. I was thinking that I could start this, but still eat food, but like not so much. I wanna be 90lbs.

  31. My mum constantly calls me fat, time to prove her wrong.

    1. That´s terrible, no mother should ever say anything to hurt their children. However, the best revenge is to succeed, not to die of hunger. I think you should win by living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising a few times a week, it is not necessary to become dangerously skinny.

  32. thanks for sharing this amazing pro ana tips and tricks.