Sunday, February 28

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Books About ED's

 Here is a list of eating disorder related books:

The Hungry Self: Women, Eating, and Identity - Kim Chernin

My Life As A Male Anorexic - Michael Krasnow

A Hunger So Wide and So Deep - Becky W. Thompson

Anorexia Nervosa And Recovery - Karen Way

Never Too Thin - Eva Szekely

Own Was A Baker's Daughter - Marion Woodman

Bulimarexia: The Binge-Purge Cycle - Marlene Boskind-White, William C. White

Straight Talk About Eating Disorders - Michael Maloney, Rachel Kranz

The Long Road Back, A Survivores Guide To Anorexia - Judy Tam Sargent

Dancing On My Grave - Judy Tam Sargent

Inner Hunger - Marianne Apostolides

Good Enough - Cynthia N. Bitter

The Secret Language Of Eating Disorders - Peggy Claude Pierre

The Golden Cage - Helde Bruch, M.D.

Addiction To Perfection - Marion Woodman

The Deadly Diet - Terence Sand beck, Ph.D

Best Little Girl In The World - Steven Levenkron

Wasted - Marya Horbacher

Hunger Point - Jillian Medoff

Second Star To The Right - Deborah Hautzig

Dying To Be Thin - Marc Zimmer, Ira M. Sacker

Thin - Grace Bowman

To Die For - Carol Lee

Anorexic - Anna Paterson

Stick Figure - Lori Gottlieb

Good Girls Do Swallow - Rachael Oaks-Ash

Empty - Christie Pettit

Anorexia - A Stranger In The Family - Katie Metcalfe

Kim: Empty Inside - Beatrice Sparks

So Now You Know - Darah Echevarria

The Echo Glass - Heather Morrall

Mercy, Unbound - Kim Antieau

Skinny - Ibi Kaslik

Feeling For Bones - Bethany Pierce

Perfect: Anorexia And Me - Emily Halban

Inside Out: Portrait Of An Eating Disorder - Nadia Shivack

Next To Nothing - Carrie Arnold

Skin - Adrienne Marie Vrettos

Running On Empty - Susan Gottlieb

Gaining - Aimee Lui

Ana's Girls - Eda. R Uca

Diary Of An Anorexic Girl - Morgan Menzie

Slim To None - Jennifer Hendricks

Anorexics On Anorexia - Rosemary Shelley

Silenced By Bulimia - Doris Smeltzer

A Year In The Life Of Bulimia - Melanie J. Marklein

Learning To Be Me - Jocelyn Golden

Appetite For Life - Margie Ryerson

Little Steps - Katharine Wealthall

Insatiable - Eve Eliot

There are many more ED books but they are mainly about facts and recovery so I haven't listed those because I think these are the kind of books you will want to read.

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Tuesday, February 23

Cabbage soup diet
Day 1
Homemade cabbage soup, plus any fruit, apart from bananas.
Day 2
Homemade cabbage soup, plus other vegetables, including a baked potato with butter for dinner (potatoes are off-limits on other days)
Day 3
Homemade cabbage soup, plus other fruits and vegetables.
Day 4
Homemade cabbage soup, plus anything up to 6 bananas and fat-free milk.
Day 5
Homemade cabbage soup, plus 6 tomatoes and up to 450 grams of meat or fish.
Day 6
Homemade cabbage soup, plus meat(beef) and vegetables.
Day 7
Homemade cabbage soup, plus brown rice, pure fruit juice, and vegetables.
No bread, carbonated beverages, or alcohol.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

6 large green onions
2 green peppers
1 or 2 cans of tomatoes (diced or whole)
1 bunch celery
1/2 head cabbage
1 package Onion Soup Mix
1 or 2 cubes bouillon (optional)
1 48 oz. can V8
Juice (optional)
Season to taste (salt, pepper, parsley, curry, garlic powder, etc).

Here it recipe for a soup, which improves burning off fat:

• 500 ml canned tomato

• 1, 5 l water

• 2 paprikas (green or red )

• 6 big onions

• 1 head cabbage (cca 1kg)

• 5 kg celery

Chop vegetables , put vegetables in water and cook 15minutes. Turn down and cook for another 10-15 minutes (until the vegetables are soft). At the end, add pepper, or other spices that you like … You can eat the soup whenever you're hungry; the more soup you eat, the more weight you lose i hurd!!

Remember, drink water tea or coffee when you're thirsty (without sugar!) but do not have soft drinks and carbonated beverages! There is also one special rule about this soup diet: no booze - not even a little sip

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